Mission Statement:

13 Bricks Clothing emerged out of a necessity to achieve positive social change, promote environmental awareness and provide a sustainable alternative to traditional clothing companies.

We have enlisted ourselves in the revolution of the retail clothing industry. Our commitment is back by ethical product sourcing,  and the use of organic garments crafted with the elements and principles of fine art.


The goal is enacting a positive change in our community by celebrating art, inspiring creation, and cultivating sustainability in order to facilitate an expansion of awareness, from self to the community.


13 Bricks Clothing Company, LLC, began as a plan to unify the culture of Savannah, Georgia. A breeding ground for young artists, Savannah offers a plethora of talent that the company felt was underexposed and lacked necessary publicity. Vann-Ellison and Emily Quintero met in the winter of 2010 in the midst of their college experience; the two were working on a collaborative project with their colleagues, when they realized they shared a vision. Emily, known for her appreciation of aesthetics revered amongst peers for her personal style, presented a prototype for apparel designs. Vann-Ellison, having been born and raised Savannah, was frustrated with the limited access to cultural exposure in the city.

They agreed to manifest their dream of establishing Savannah’s top artistic platform. The two quickly started worked towards developing a 3-piece graphic t-shirt series using original artwork done by Emily Quintero herself. The two exposed their product throughout Savannah. Selling the t-shirts at local concerts and events the t-shirts were getting positive reviews.

Soon after their success with selling t-shirts at local events they started selling their t-shirts at locally owned stores. To resolve this lack of exposure of artists the company brainstormed ways to expand the company. 13 Bricks has strategically planned to increase the coverage of Savannah’s cultural happenings and bring the underground artists of Savannah to light through different avenues.