Catapulting the Capstone: The Building of 13 Bricks

By Rachel Denison


A  capstone is the crowning piece of a structure or building. It can represent the final touch to a massive project meant to change the world. Architects in Roman times would stand under the arches of their edifices while the capstone was set in place to signify the completion of their work. The capstone is a significant part of any project, but wouldn't be able to exist without the bricks underneath.

The Capstone event presented by 13 Bricks propels the t-shirt brand into the conscious of local Savannah. Not only does this company promote its creative clothing, but also serves as a platform for budding artists in the community to showcase their talent. The Capstone reveals the intentions and intelligence of the 13 Bricks family and their desire to convert ideas into a progressive transformation. Executive Director Vann Ellison Seales explains, "The Capstone is a celebration of the re-emergence of art's significance and its role in enacting the change we wish to see in the community and the world at large."

The 13 Bricks team invites you to attend the Capstone event on August 2nd at Desoto Row Inc. from 6-10 p.m. 13 Bricks will display their upcoming art of new graphic tees for the Fall of 2013. This exhibit also features artwork from the illustrators creating the compelling apparel including Emily Quintero, co-founder of the company, Zlatko Mitev, Alfredo Martinez, Lauren Schwind, Cara Dzuricky, Melanie Lavrisa, Max Tipson, and Kimberly Van Dam. Musical performances by local musicians such as Electric Grandma and Omignome tie the project together by exposing not only the illustrators but musicians as well who possess a desire to unite people through love and positivity.

Converting Savannah into a more prosperous, harmonious and well informed center for artists, musicians, intellects, and entrepreneurs alike is the ultimate goal of the 13 Bricks company. The framework is composed of caring people looking to revolutionize their community through well-crafted and stylish t-shirts worn by people who share the same vision.

Donations are encouraged and graciously accepted to aid the company in translating dreams into reality.