Autumn Breeze


Hard work definitely pays off in the end, and our loyalty to the city has granted us with an opportunity to introduce our work to the rest of the country. The producers of Magic Mike XXL, which is filming in Savannah this month, reached out to us to fill their need for some shirts for the film. We have been blessed with this opportunity, and we have taken full advantage of it.

Transitioning to our clothing line, we asked our fans a couple weeks ago to vote on the color and shirt type for the reprint of our “Feathered Design”. We've heard all opinions and we've decided to go with the more popular colorway. But in lue of the season, we decided to print the shirt in long sleeve as well as short sleeve. We know fall is here and winter is around the corner, so we want to be ready for the cold fronts. Our reprints will be ready before our fall line drops.  

Now for all striving artists, we have an opportunity for you to shine, and bring your art to light this month. We are hosting a gallery exhibition, so we are having a call for entries for those who want to enter and have their work showcased. Entries due by October 15th .