New Location, Same Dedication

Photo Credit: Lubomir Kocka & Ivan Feign

Photo Credit: Lubomir Kocka & Ivan Feign

Thawing from creative hibernation 13 Bricks is celebrating the quarter year by relocating to Southern Pine Co.- hosts of the Savannah Bazaar- to share creative space with STEAM Printing and other fine local artisans. The benefit for Savannah?

Our new digs come with ample work room will soon house a cozy retail front making for the perfect one-stop shop to snag some product and meet the makers.

As with any move, settling in to our place will take some time- likely till the end of the month- though that doesn't mean we haven't been peddling around town and taking the chance to spread the word about the cultural revival we seek to stimulate.

For those that don't know, two weeks ago we were lucky enough to score some table time at the A-Town Get Down. In memory of Alex Townsend, the A-Town Get Down provides a venue for both accomplished and aspiring artists of all mediums to showcase their work and engage the community through live music, art and artistically related workshops. It should go without saying we were thrilled with the company we kept.

In keeping with our mission to nurture the local artistic community and celebrate the creative individual we recently opened our 2nd Official Artist Contest.

In the ever-present search for skilled contributors we've been accepting submissions for the 2nd Official Artist Contest-ending Friday, March 7th at midnight. Join our mission to nurture the local artistic community while celebrating the creative individual, and share your art with us Savannah!

We'll screen print the winning artist's work and make a print of the runner up's to be featured on one of our fine shirts and sold alongside our up-coming spring line, respectively.