Collaborate, Create and Repeat

Savannah's Creative Community

The sounds and style of Savannah are as diverse as its inhabitants. It's this intermingling of natives and transplants that conjures and crafts Savannah's local culture from music and theatre to fashion and public art. The great thing about all these mediums- and the artists who express themselves through it-is their interconnectivity due to Savannah's size.

Think about it. Most illustrators, musicians, photographers, writers, etc either personally know or know of each other. This intimacy- by and large- leads to collaborations resulting in a greater end product. As it's said the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and Savannah's artistic community is a prime example of synergy at its best.


With that, we're thrilled for our friend and colleague Miggs The Artist's debut album Son of a Gun- to be released this Friday, May 16th. Free and open to all ages come join us at Southern Pine Co.-East 35th & East Broad-to celebrate Miggs' album release. Replete with live music, a hip-hop open mic, food and an accompanying art installation by Jagrut Raval it's guaranteed to be a blast Savannah. Click the link for more info on Miggs' album release.

Follow up Friday's fest with the Savannah Bazaar this Saturday-May 17th- where yours truly will be vending some of our freshly pressed products alongside our recent reprints. Starting at 1 pm the Bazaar will feature fine local tunes by Broken Glow, Shapes and Their Names and DJ A.Live alongside the Savannah's Pale Blue Dot Collective- a DIY music collective.


What's up with The Come Up?

With our recent resettlement off of East Broad we've definitely got some work cut out for us as we arrange our print and retail space to be ideally set up for our grand opening. Though worry not Savannah we'll most certainly still have all of our pressed products available for purchase such as Luca Carey's and our Feature Artist of the Month Cleonique Hilsaca's latest designs.

We're also very excited to share with Savannah a sneak peak of our new sticker which we'll be printing and bombing the city with soon enough, just make sure to keep your eyes peeled. As we prepare for our street campaign we'll also be wrapping up negotiations with Savannah's Whole Foods to vend both our tees and prints.

Designed By: Michele Fitzgerald

So Savannah, keep your eyes peeled and an ear to the ground because we've got plenty to present to you in the coming weeks and months from fresh press products to collaborating with some of the city's finest musicians and artists.