Forward Ever, Backward Never


You know that familiar feeling of angst you get before embarking on a new venture?

That strange mesh of wracked nerves and eager anticipation might rightly describe the feelings of our 13 Bricks family at the moment.


As we've said before, this Savannah summer looks to be one of big changes and moves. Though as with any secret worth withholding we're intending to keep the finer details to ourselves till the right moment- so Savannah make sure you're in the loop as you won't want to miss what we have to share with you.

Teasers and allusions aside, the 13 Bricks family has been keeping busy setting up pop-up shops, finalizing and printing our newest items-including a design by Luca Carey we hope to have out soon- and supporting our larger artistically inclined community.

Last Saturday some of our fine family members ventured out to Savannah's Whole Foods Market arranging a pop-up shop to vend our popular reprints and new Spring/Summer line all to the tune of Savannah band Shapes & Their Names- with the Savannah Bicycle Campaign running a valet for the Green Scene Festival.

Pictured Above: Our Executive Director Vann Seales with local patrons.

If you haven't been on the web lately there's been quite a bit afoot with our artistic community. Our friends Blair Campbell and Patrick Rippman have released their newest video in the Over Analyze series and if you look closely Savannah you'll notice Blair Campbell is rocking the new “Feathered” long sleeve of our Spring/Summer line. Follow the link to check out the duo's great series.


Our colleague and Savannah musician Miggs Son- of the Dope Sandwich collective-recently released the video for his new single “Knowhateyemean?” featured on his soon to be released album Son of a Gun. You can check it out here.

Tonight we'll be out in full effect for First Friday Art March. Visit us and then cruise on over to the Anahata Healing Arts to check out our friends' Lauren Schwind, Melissa Hagerty and Matt Duplessie's artistic presentation.


So Savannah stop on by DeSoto Row, pick up a tee and meet the founders of your local creative cultural revolution.