Miggs' Music and the Creative Community

There was a whirlwind of activity this past weekend in the Savannah arts community. The fine folks at Southern Pine Co. hosted our friend and colleague Miggs' release party for his debut album 'Son Of A Gun'- officially available as of yesterday, May 19th. Cruise on over to Miggs' website and snag a download of 'Son Of A Gun' while you can.

Miggs Son takes the stage at the 'Son Of A Gun' release party. Photo by Sinjin Hilaski

While the rhyming rascal made his rounds around Southern Pine's courtyard, thanking all in attendance and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming community support, Knife of Dope Sandwich was the acting emcee of the night fostering and maintaining an upbeat audience with his own natural liveliness- all to the tune of DJ Ramsey's carefully selected vinyl play list.

DJ Ramsey of Southern Pine Co. spinning some vinyl. Photo by Sinjin Hilaski 

Naturally, never too far from the scene the 13 Bricks family was set up to wheel and deal some of our fine sustainable wares as well as plenty of Miggs merch- both of which were difficult to keep stocked as group after group came to purchase the 'Son Of A Gun' CD and some 13 Bricks threads.

With a pretty packed house buzzing about the man and moment of the night were well received. As Miggs took the stage the crowd pushed forward leaving little room to move between as the music seeped into the crowd intoxicating and ensnaring all in attendance. Friday's show was truly an event to witness as the close community came to support one of Savannah's fastest rising hip-hop artist.