Getting Seen in the Scene

If you missed us around town this past week then you must not have been paying too much attention Savannah. From the interweb to local shows the 13 Bricks family has been hitting the pavement getting the word out about our new spot, new designs and some grander ideas in the making- though those will be under wraps until they're finalized.

In case you haven't seen our artist Luca Carey's latest design take a gander at the brief video below to peep the design and see our fresh pressed products appear before your eyes.

In other creative community news we set up last Friday at Savannah's new venue Barrelhouse South to vend some of wares while our musical friend Xulu Prophet ensnared the audience with the skilled stylings of he and his associates.

Xulu Prophet playing Barrelhouse South. Photo via 13 Bricks 

We'd be lying if we said we didn't have certain podcasts and Youtube channels that we were pretty avid fans of. That being said our friends Blair Campbell and Patrick Rippman of OverAnalyze have recently uploaded their newest video titled “Media Murder”. Look closely and you'll notice Patrick is rocking our reprinted “Loose Lips” tee in this latest video.

If you've never seen an OverAnalyze video before follow the link, sit for a spell, share a laugh and see what you've been missing out on Savannah!

The last bit of catch up on our creative community news is our proud announcement that we were sponsors of the BE.Expressive Open Mic hosted at Savannah's Sicky Nar Nar Gallery. Pairing up with the Spitfire Poetry Group and Sicky Nar Nar as well the open mic is intended for attendees to showcase anything they desire in any artistic medium-be it poetry, dance, music, interpretive basket weaving, etc.

The BE.Expressive Open Mic at Sicky Nar Nar. Mobile Photo via Vann Seales

With the great turn out and overwhelming support from the creative community we have a strong feeling that the BE.Expressive Open Mic will soon be a staple in the Savannah scene, and it is most assuredly an event that the 13 Bricks family will seek to be a part of.

The 13 Bricks Stand at the BE.Expressive Open Mic. Mobile Phone Photo via Vann Seales