Creative Deconstruction

From the Ground Up

While it has been a few weeks since we've updated “The Come Up” the 13 Bricks family has been working harder than ever to reconstruct our brick and mortar location so that we can open and serve the Savannah community as soon as possible.

Originally our shop was separated into different sections with three walls that disallowed an open space for us to both work and project future ideas of hosting assorted events. In one day, truthfully in about three hours, with help from our friends and colleagues we've transformed the entire layout and feel of our new abode.

A creative deconstruction would be the best way to say we tore down the physical walls that forbade open space, conversation and creativity. It's truly remarkable how a slight change in aesthetics can lend itself to uplifting an entire company's morale. It's this breath of fresh air that has reinvigorated our family to work as efficiently as possible so that we can share our reconstructed dream of local, sustainable business with greater Savannah.

Bearing sustainability in mind we've decided to reuse all the wood products that formerly made our walls to construct new structures for the shop; all of this reused wood work is thanks to our close friends Micah Royer and Greg who have lent their services in fulfilling this vision constructing our work benches and exposure unit, respectively.

Coupled with this we've acquired a spiffy new printer so that we can expand the services we offer to local musicians, artists and individuals. This includes business cards, fliers, posters- pretty much any printing needs you may have we can gladly and creatively fulfill.

While we keep making progress and moving towards our official opening date we've undertaken an array of work for musicians such as Xulu Prophet and Savannah's Whaleboat, creating custom crafts for these fine local musical acts, but we'll share more of that later Savannah. We can't give all the surprises away in one post.

On an ending note the 13 Bricks family would like to thank you Savannah. Without your support we wouldn't be able to accomplish this and manifest this vision we believe in. So thank you Savannah, keep supporting us and we'll do our best to further the local creative community that we've come to love.