Progress, Printing and Products

Shop Talk 

Sometimes the steps toward progress require you sacrifice in one area in order to advance another.

As with most things the 13 Bricks family is the exception to the norm. Rather than tire us out, reconstructing our retail space has invigorated us with some great energy. From making new contacts and crafting creative concepts we're eager about the possibilities our new space offers.

Pictured above from left to right: Local musicians  Xulu of Xuluprophet, KidSyc and our executive director Vann-Ellison Seales. 

Freshly Printed Products

While we've been pounding the pavement to get the word out about our eventual grand opening- which we envision will be this August- our crew has been busy printing up our new designs from Luca Carey and Cleonique Hilsaca.

We're proud to now offer Cleonique's “Mechanica” and Luca's “Alte Climat Eqicurs” on our online shop or for purchase in person by contacting any of the members 13 Bricks family.

Coupled with our new designs, as addressed in our last post, we've paired up with some fine musicians from the Savannah area and are eager to present some of their band merchandise we've created. We have three new designs for Whaleboat, Xuluprophet and Dope Sandwich all of which are currently available for pre-order on our website. So take a gander from our examples below, support local music and business and place your order today!


While you're reading click the links(above), give these locals a listen and find out when their next shows are.

On a community related note our friends Dope Sandwich kick off “The Sandwich Rap Tour” tomorrow traveling up the Eastern seaboard as far as Philly and New York with plenty of stops in between. So share it with your friends up the coast and let's give our local hip-hop friends the notoriety they deserve.