Independent Community Driven Progress

Independence and community minded progress.

Much like the nation, 13 Bricks' concepts stress independence with an emphasis on progress for the sake of the community. We've been steadfastly furthering both these goals with the reconstruction of our brick and mortar retail shop as well as our ever-present involvement with the local creative community.

As the weeks fly by way we're closer and closer to our official launch date so that we can provide a one stop shop for freshly printed wares as well as those of colleague artists. A central hub for the creative community- that's what we're aspiring to establish with our East Broad abode.

With that we're thrilled to be joining our fellow local creatives this July 4th for the First Friday Art March! Come on out, pick up some freshly pressed products and catch live music from our friends KidSyc, XuluProphet and SHAPES & their Names. Saunter on by our table, catch up with the 13 Bricks family and pick up one of newly pressed stickers designed by Michele Fitzgerald

While we've been busy recreating our new retail spot we're thrilled to have recently partnered with Savannah's Whaleboat and XuluProphet to concoct some creative products for them and their fans. Keep your eyes peeled for when these fresh prints hit the streets Savannah!

In creative community news there has been quite a bit happening. Our friends at OverAnalyze will be releasing another video this Friday-July 4th- and we're glad to say they're rocking our popular panda reprint- so follow the link, subscribe and check out their analysis on everything from popular series and movies to music.

Our friend Knife of Dope Sandwich will be releasing his new album Iconoclast this Friday, July 4th- so get out, pick one up and support some homegrown hip-hop.

Photo via Knife

Paired with that our musical colleague KidSyc has recently launched his new giving fans a one stop shop for info on new shows, projects and merchandise. Cruise on over to his site, sample some of his discography and enjoy the lyrical stylings of KidSyc. Along with the launch of his new site Syc has dropped his new music video “Stares and Screams” check the video out below.