Firm Footing for a Fine Art Revolution

It takes time to take root and ensure you have a strong foundation for the future to build upon.


With the greater structural remodeling complete we've kept busy organizing and designing our new space so that it serves not only as a retail front, but doubles as a creative corner the artistic community can feel comfortable approaching to team up on future endeavors, submit designs for future seasonal lines, and everything in between. To be a pillar in Savannah's creative community whilst creating and propagating a fine art revolution in clothing.

It is with great pride that the 13 Bricks family can proudly and definitively announce the official grand opening of our brick and mortar retail location off of 627 East Broad street.

On August 16th we open our doors to the public and welcome the Savannah community to join us for our inaugural event the Keystone Gallery which will be hosted in our new location from 1-5pm.

Naturally, we will have an array of art on exhibit as well as prize drawings, food, drink, and tunes from our musical friend DJ Skypager. In the coming week we'll expand upon the details of which artists will be on exhibit and prizes attendees can look forward to winning.

To commemorate our grand opening we've recently designed and printed our 13 Bricks Logo Tee. If you missed this new piece at last Friday's Art March don't sweat it we'll have a freshly pressed batch available for you at our August 16th opening.

Along with our new logo tee we've still got our new designs by Cleonique Hilsaca and Luca Carey available; we're striving to have Xuluprophet's design printed and available for all you local music gormandizers out there.

Keep up with The Come Up to get a regular dose of news from the 13 Bricks family and Savannah's creative community at large.