Good Intentions

As we continue to move forward with good intentions, we are presented with opportunities to show off the dedication to our craft. Having the chance to print some shirts for the Savannah Fashion Night 2014, was wonderful timing allowing us to get our name out to the fashion market of Savannah. Last week we got a taste of our first fashion show “Midsummer Night Sueno” in Forsyth Park. It was a great opportunity for us to reach out to some more locals, allowing our brand to become synonymous with the fashion in the city.

We are in the thick of producing our fall line for 2014, and our first design of this season was imagined by our creative director Alfredo Martinez. Printed on 100% organic cotton, this shirt was a challenging printing job but, nothing we couldn’t handle. We are also reprinting the popular “Feathered Design”, but leaving it up to our fan's to decide the colorway of the design. We will put in up for a vote early next week.

Finally, we have made our first appearance on Broughton Street since “Elev8ed,” housing some of our shirts at “Artsy's Print and Framing Shop.” So if you happen to be on the strip, grab a 13 Bricks shirt while you are down there!