FALL SALE and New Design "Forest Royalty" Available soon!




It’s out with the old and in with the new here at 13 Bricks! The two popular designs from last year’s line, “Feather” and “Mechanica”, are 25% off! Come on into the store or visit us online; the designs will no longer be in production.

Our new designs for this year’s collection includes the “Suicide King”, “Ordo Ab Chao” (seen in below on previous blogs), and our newest design “Forest Royalty”, by Danielle Summers. Summers is about to graduate from UGA and is a new contributor to the 13 Bricks racks, though she is a returning artist to our print stacks.

Garnished with mushrooms and fairies, the Stag in the center of the illustration is a beautiful representation of old Celtic folk lore. “Forest Royalty” highlights the powerful and prideful presence behind the stag, as well as its representation. Like the salmon and the bear, the stag myths shaped the elaborate Celtic mythology. It was the symbol for the god Cernunnos, “the horned one” or “the god of plenty”.



The white Stag’s role as the messenger to the underworld made it’s presence known on the battlefield, but also in homes on the hearth or engraved into doors for protection. The red Stag takes on the role of ensuring the family's well being. Stags are often seen as decoration on cauldrons to signify wealth and a consistently full plate. The antlers upon the deer in Summer’s design certainly crown her mythical king of the magical forest, gallantly carrying in the fall season.


Come advantage of the 25% off of our great designs, and enjoy our new line, as well as the prints from our last gallery show that are still available.

Stay magical, Savannah.