13 Bricks for 18Loves: Support Amelia Jamerson's Kickstarter !

"Be The Love" tee-shirts will be printed by yours truly, 13 Bricks.

"Be The Love" tee-shirts will be printed by yours truly, 13 Bricks.

It’s all about love, love love, love, crazy love for Amelia Jamerson, former model at 13 Bricks and a local artist worth investing in. We are excited to assist in spreading the word about her and her brand 18Loves by promoting the Kickstarter she has created to launch her brand. Amelia Jamerson is one of those artists.  Her brand, 18Loves, uses art and graphics to spread the maximum amount of love and positive energy from her own heart to yours. Her Kickstarter for 18Loves is currently live and we are trying to spread the word about the biggest good vibes enthusiast we know.

18Loves has a special and interesting meaning behind it’s name, much like our own company, 13 Bricks.

The number 18 holds a special place in my heart,”Amelia says on her page. “Aside from being born on the 18th day, the digits also connect to the Hebrew word, chai, which translates to life. The numerical value for this word is 18. Therefore, the number evokes the idea of the value of life + love. To love is to live and it's important to share and practice that.”

She even takes the love one step further. Once the campaign succeeds, this brand will create a special collection that will commit to donating 18% of profits, quarterly, to a worthy charity.

Her optimism and creative inspiration gives us the fuzzy butterflies feels, with adorable cards and prints that say things like “I like big hearts and I can not lie.”


Amelia started her brand to simply encourage others to spread, share and be the love we need in the world. The money that her kickstarter will raise, $6,000, will go towards launching a website, market/advertise, copyrighting & trademarking the brand, getting proper licensing, manufacture & deliver rewards, and pay Kickstarter fees/taxes.“My biggest goal is to attend and showcase my designs at Surtex 2016 in New York City. Surtex is a global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & design - where artists, art agents, licensing agencies, and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable including: wall coverings, fabric prints, decorative accessories, bed linens, stationery, giftware, apparel and much more. Surtex would open many doors and give me the opportunity to have my artwork licensed. This means you would see 18Loves merchandise in places like Barnes & Noble, Target, Hallmark, etc. This opportunity alone is a $2,700 investment and takes place on the weekend of May 15-17, 2016.”

By donating just six dollars (or more, of course) you can help Amelia push her brand and support free and unconditional love. Her designs are dripping with detail, from hearts on the heads of all living things to support the ability to think and act with love on the mind, to little doodles with encouraging quotes to brighten your day. She cakes the goodness on everything from bags to pins, prints, cards, and so much more.

The unsurprisingly generous rewards for donating are as follows, directly from her page:

“Get yourself some goodies! Since this party is just getting started, you'll be the amongst the first Lovers to sport and own 18Loves gear and fixins’.

The stickers and messenger bags will only be available through the Kickstarter. These are exclusive rewards that will be set aside for backers - just an extra token of gratitude. “

Please help out and donate to the most loving and positive Kickstarter of the century. She’s got $2.590 and 64 backers so far.  Give back the love that Amelia gives out so freely, and help her save the world with love, gratitude, and positivity. If anyone deserves to succeed, it is without a doubt her.