ASI Tea Featured in South Magazine


We have another success story here at 13 Bricks thanks to our graphic design intern Michael Durkee. His design for ASI Tea is featured in South Magazine, along with a wonderful review by the company’s owner!

ASI Tea supplies completely organic, naturally caffeinated and locally sourced teas. Traditionally, the Native Americans of the region made this tea using leaves from the wild Yaupon trees. ASI Tea's staff pick, dry, and roast the Yaupon leaves in nearly the same way the Native Americans did. It doesn’t get more organic and authentic than that. Their process is completely environmentally friendly. The workers only picking the necessary amount of leaves from the trees to supply orders. The tea literally goes from farm to bottle. They even use the wild Yaupon honey to sweeten the tea to “honor and keep the alliance between flowers and bees.”


ASI contacted us in need of a new approach on their packaging and t-shirts. The shirts turned out great, according to owner Lou Thomann.

“When I saw Michael working on the ASI logo design, and I gave him the actual plant, he got it perfect. Working with the guys was easy and they were very cooperative.”

As it turns out, the customers like our intern as much as we do.

“Michael is a talent that will only get better. He has great vibe, great sensitivity and great work ethic.”

ASI tea is now being sold in stores as such as Kroger and Whole Foods. This local brand started from the bottom, and now they’re here, and the 13 Bricks family could not be happier to be a part of their growth. The shirts that Michael designed are flying off the shelves in stores, as are the teas in the grocery aisle. Check them out online at .