The Howlin’ Hound: Open For Business!

Last month local chef Kirk Blaine, previous owner of the restaurant at Cohen's Retreat and executive chef at Driftaway Cafe, opened a brand new restaurant of his own called The Howlin’ Hound. The restaurant, named after his basset hound, Nelson,(notorious for consistently begging for food) is located on Eisenhower and Waters Ave. Blaine provides an awesome and unique menu for sandwich connoisseurs and southern/classic American cuisine lovers alike.


The menu includes a list of over 20 sandwiches, offering only the greatest possible version of each one - no skimping! They use the best, freshest ingredients they can find to make optimal quality sandwiches for every personality. He even goes as far as to order bread from Tampa for his popular cuban sandwich.


Our mission has always been to work with our customers and their design needs to enhance their ideas and materialize it. We were fortunate to be selected to create the branding, signs, t-shirts, social media content, in addition to the menus and mural for this sweet new restaurant. Kirk came to us with great ideas, and 13 Bricks’ Art Director, Alfredo Martinez and graphic designer, Michael Durkee helped polish his original concepts and designs. From the artwork and branding to the refurbished wooden tables and freshly renovated interior, the building has yet again been transformed into something new. There’s even more around the corner, the restaurant has announced plans of implementing a drive-thru in upcoming months.


“Top notch gourmet dishes with friendly staff! This restaurant has a lot of heart. You can see and feel it in all of the little touches around the room, as well as in the pleasant manner of the crew and owners. I can't wait to come back!”

JoAnna Aviles, a customer with a sparkling review.


The community is really digging the brilliantly crafted menu, on which is a diverse selection of interesting and delicious foods, like Lox on Ciabatta bread, with Nova Scotian house cured lox served and grilled with all the fixins’- tomatoes, onions, capers and boursin. And then there is the Cheese Steak Biscuit. This delight is packed with slow roasted hand cut rib eye, egg, provolone cheese, peppers and onions on a butter biscuit. They even have some pretty cool non-sandwich options like the Cointreau French Toast. Thick toast is soaked in orange liquor and grilled, served with bacon and maple syrup. They’ve even got their own spin on grits, people. Their menu is a big deal.


Is your mouth watering yet?


“I am very proud to stand behind each and every menu item! Please come and enjoy!!” said Kirk Blaine at their grand opening.


Head down to Waters and Eisenhower to check out the food, the atmosphere that we are proud to have hand in creating, and try anything from the deliciously unique menu. You won't be disappointed.