Spring Air

This new year has truly been filled with an abundance of growth and experience, and we expect to continue the trend as we continue to expand our brand and influence in our city. We’ve made sure to keep busy, and our commercial printing business has allowed us to have legs help our clothing brand grow. Continuing to strengthen our relationships with local businesses and organizations, we maintained our hands in all of the events we can possibly attend, in order to reach as many people as we can. Just finishing a run of events, starting with hosting an Art Contest to design the official “First Friday Art March” T-shirts, which was a big success. We hosted the merch tables at some of our friends shows, starting with a dope set from Dope Sandwich, and ending with an amazing “Coming Home” show for The Cusses. We went right into the mini-march which was coordinated by Art Rise Savannah to promote the A-Town Get Down event which is an event created in the Memory of Alex Townsen, a late SCAD student who had an influence with the community. We kept the ball rolling by landing a few more wholesale deals downtown, opening our market within “Missing Pieces’ location in City Market, we were offered another opportunity to vend in front of their location during St. Patricks Day weekend, which was a huge success. We love being a serious player in our community, and we look forward to the events we have next; Kitten Fest, Art March, and the Spoken Word Festival.

As we moved passed our local tour of events, we started really focusing on what’s next, which is moving into our new retail location, and seriously beefing up our catalog. Completely renovating another space for us to occupy was not originally in the plans, but you have to be ready to take advantage of all opportunities, and we can not wait to have a true retail space. This move will allow us to truly showcase our talents, and give us the space needed to be as creative as possible. Starting with the implementation of our Thrift store, granting people place to exchange their old slightly worn clothing for petty cash or store credit. On top of offering a trade on clothing, we will officially have 13 Bricks’ first off brand of clothing, Colony 13.

Colony 13 is 13 Bricks’ first off brand of clothing, specializing in making apparel that embodies not only the essence of a city, but its history as well. We create a product that represents a city, and we do so through our vivid illustrations, depicting some of the most influential . We’ve started with two, the first is take on the Gryphon statue that is located outside of the cotton exchange. The other is representation of the “Bird Girl” inside of bonaventure cemetery, which was shown in the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Since our target market will be different, as we produce these shirts, we have freedom when choosing where to source our garments, which will allow us to change the wholesale price. We will be printing on quality shirts, with high quality designs starting at a great wholesale price.

After taking over the tourism market, we hope to make strides with other apparel options; Hats, bags, and jewelry. We are starting with a local artist and friend Alan Wood’s collection, who does beautiful wire wrapping jewelry. As we fill our retail space with some very unique products from companies that align with our beliefs, we are excited to have the opportunity to have a true showroom to display the products we believe in.


Our Grand Opening is expected to be sometime in the within the next month . Colony 13 is scheduled to release on the same day. So make sure you stay tuned for details on our Grand Opening Event, sure to be packed full of fun, food, music, and goodies for all!