New Growth

Growth is definitely the theme of this Spring for our team, as we are transitioning to our newly renovated retail space, so that we can actually have some room to showcase not only our talented crew,  but the rest of the city’s creative palate; or as much as our space will allow. Understanding the dynamic of a retail space is a challenge that none of our team had experience with, so we hired some friends of ours to help us better understand the arrangement of space, in order for us to push our brands in the most effective way possible.

Having a team of people who bring a plethora of different skills to our table, allows us to be versatile, and malleable to every challenge that we are presented with on a daily basis. Finding out what we are the best at, allows us to continue to grow in the right direction. One of the branches that has been growing from the 13 Bricks tree is an off brand of clothing called “Colony 13” which is dedicated towards raising awareness on Savannah’s rich history. Georgia being the 13th colony, and Savannah being one of the oldest cities in the United States, we wanted to make sure we highlighted all of the iconic figures that continue, hundreds of years later, to add value to the city.

With our grand opening happening this Friday, we have been printing the first 3 designs for the last couple of weeks, so that we can officially launch our brand on Friday. Since our goal is always to raise awareness and impact change, we believe that this brand will give us another avenue to related to our fans, and spread the vibes of wakefulness.


Throughout this transition, we have been constantly challenged with adversity, but as we get closer to our goal, the more we come to realize how important those failures were, because they allowed us to naturally grow with the flow. And with this new space, we have an opportunity to expand our reach with our talented friends. Inviting new vendors to have constant retail space within our building, allows for the perfect blend of cross marketing and networking. As we grow, they grow; and as they grow, we grow. Creating this upward cycle is what we believe can truly get the ball rolling on our vision.


Make sure you come to our grand opening, so that you can see yet another stage reached in our vision, in which we plan on incorporating our entire community in.

We are thankful for every fan we receive. We couldn’t do it without our community.