“Cambio” Unveiling at The ANdAZ Hotel


August 27th was a big day for 13 Bricks. It was an even bigger day for Art Director Alfredo Martinez, as his mural “Cambio” was unveiled at the ANdAZ (by Hyatt) hotel on Barnard street in downtown Savannah. Over the course of two months Martinez and his helpers, or his “minions” as he would say, worked tirelessly painting the two flights of stairs and railings that lead way to the hotel pool from the lobby. The artist speaks for himself in his artist’s statement, but what speaks even louder is the finished product.


“The theme of this piece is progression. This is shown via the progression of the style in which the imagery is executed. The animals on the first floor are realistic, by the time you reach the top they are abstracted into basic geometry. The background does the same in the opposite direction. I wanted the mural to become an experience that could be enjoyed fully regardless of what end a person starts from.

Thematically, I wanted to touch on the themes of evolution

and nature. As we progress technologically and industrially we need to consider how this progress affects the natural environment around us. The geometry behind the animals and waves is reminiscent of cellular or atomic structures. This basic geometry is what all the animals and plants ultimately are based on. Ultimately all of our physical reality is constructed with the same building blocks. It is impossible for us to exist without having some effect on what surrounds us. This tension should be kept in mind as we grow and progress as a species and as a global society.”

-Alfredo Martinez

Art Director, 13 Bricks Clothing

You can certainly see a visual evolution as you walk up the stairwell. The first thing seen as you enter from the front lobby is the face of the sun on the side of the wall engaging its audience the second they step through the doors. On the other side, realistic fish and cranes weave through the rapid waves.

While walking up the stairs you will see the animals literally transform into paper origami; realism changes into geometric abstraction before your eyes.The waves recede, and blue and teal marsh grasses line the wall, leading up to the grand tree that is crawling with little paper birds and insects (some are hidden for the curious to find!).

The ANdAZ Hotel unveiled the mural proudly with drinks and delicious food as well as a reception after the event. Everyone from family and friends to people staying in the hotel, passers-by and administrators walked up and down the stairs to see the visual transformation again and again. The most popular comments were “It’s amazing”, and “how beautiful”.

The 13 Bricks crew couldn’t be more proud of Martinez. This was his third mural to date, and he has two more lined up for the future.

It’s safe to say that big things are happening for the 13 Bricks family!


Those credited for helping out with the mural’s initials can be found among the diamonds on the side of the stair well. Martinez would like to thank Michelle Guash, Caitlin Shaw, Jared Jackson, Phil Geffen, Kevin Ziegler, Vann-Ellison Seales, Helana DeRossett, Isabella Morpurgo, Jazz Unruh, Taylor Graham, Michael Durkee and Lubo Kocka as well as the ANdAZ staff and administration.